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Software Addons

There are several software licenses that we offer at discounted prices for customers' convenience. Below is some information about some of these software addons. You can also see our prices listed at the bottom of the pages listing the VPS, SSD-VPS, Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server packages.


Blesta is a web-based billing application, intended for but not limited to web hosts. Blesta has features for managing clients, invoices, services, payments, and more. This application emphasizes security, developer-friendliness, and ease of rebranding, as well as supporting multi-currency billing.


  • Branded: $5.00/month
  • Unbranded: $9.00/month1)


CloudLinux is a set of software packages that can be added to a Dedicated Server to make it more suitable for higher-scale shared hosting, by isolating the users from each other to further help prevent them from degrading each other's performance or compromising each other's security. We currently support CloudLinux on Dedicated Servers running cPanel.


  • Dedicated Server: $12.00/month


KernelCare, available for Dedicated Servers only, is a service that allows the kernel to receive and apply updates without requiring the server to reboot.2)


  • Dedicated Server: $2.95/month

LiteSpeed Webserver Enterprise

LiteSpeed Web Server3) (LSWS) is a drop-in replacement for Apache, intended to handle high-traffic sites more efficiently than Apache.


  • VPS (<2.0GB RAM): $12.00/month
  • Ultra VPS (>2.0GB RAM): $20.00/month
  • Dedicated Server: 1-CPU: $32.00/month
  • Dedicated Server: 2-CPU: $46.00/month


LSCache and LiteMage are plugins for LiteSpeed that can add, at the webserver level, extra caching power to the sites in the server. For WordPress in particular, the LSCache plugin will enable you to manage caches for all WordPress installations in the whole server right from WHM. LiteMage is made specifically for Magento.


Note: Requires LiteSpeed either "Ultra VPS" or Dedicated Server

  • LSCache: $6.00/month
  • LiteMage Starter: $6.00/month
  • LiteMage Standard: $38.00/month
  • LiteMage Unlimited: $95.00/month


Softaculous4) is a plugin for cPanel/WHM intended to help users install site applications more easily.5)


  • VPS: $1.00/month
  • Dedicated Server: Included!


WHMCS6) is a web-based application designed for client management, billing, and support, for web hosts to interact with their customers. It is designed to integrate with cPanel/WHM.


  • $5.00/month
for Dedicated Servers only
This is not needed for VPS or SSD-VPS packages, since kernel updates for these are handled at the node level.
You can see our guide on LiteSpeed usage here.
You can see our overview guide on Softaculous here.
Guides for installing some of these applications via Softaculous are listed among these articles.
If you have already purchased WHMCS and need to know how to download it, please see this article.
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