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View the body and/or header of a queued exim message

If you already know the email's ID (if you dont: Review Exim's Queue), printing the header and/or body information is simple!


For this example, we'll use '1XSY5g-0001kh-N6' as the email ID but this ID is unique to each email message - yours will be different.

Email headers

For the email header, from your terminal, perform the following command:

  exim -Mvh 1XSY5g-0001kh-N6

It's important to remember 'M' needs to be capitalized, and all 14 characters of the ID, with the hyphens (-) are included.

Here's an example output:

Email body

For the email body, the command is similar. Just using a 'b' for body, rather than 'h' from the previous command:

  exim -Mvb 1XSY5g-0001kh-N6
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