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A crucial role of server maintenance is ensuring that all Content Management Systems installed are kept up to date. For some, this can be quite a challenge. Having just a few installs can make it quite challenging to check if all installs are up to date. We’ve got a few one-liners that should make this […]

How to enable maintenance mode in Managed WP

Every now and then you need to take your website down for back-end updates, changes, or other various reasons that require the website to be temporarily disabled. With the WordPress toolset provided in our Managed WordPress Hosting — you can easily enable “maintenance” mode to place your website in a temporarily disabled state to prevent […]

How To Install CLI For WordPress

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The WP-CLI is a very diverse toolset that can be installed at the command line for managing WordPress websites. If you’re familiar with using such tools at the command line level then the information to follow should be relatively easy. However, if this is not something you’ve done before then we hope this helps you […]

How to Change WordPress Theme

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Although changing a theme in WordPress isn’t incredibly difficult, there are a few risks associated with doing so which must be addressed before making any changes. Before Changing Themes Making the WordPress Theme Change After You Change WordPress Theme Conclusion Have a WordPress website? Check out our Managed WordPress Hosting and see if we are […]

How Broken Image Links Happen in WordPress and How to Fix Them

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Maintenance is as big a priority as creating new post content on WordPress sites, particularly when it comes to broken image links. Having a broken link pointing to an external site is bad because it’s a poor user experience. But having a broken link pointing to media content on your own site is bad because […]

Semi Dedicated Hosting Information

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Our semi dedicated hosting packages provide great alternative for those users who need additional performance and storage for their websites but whom don’t necessarily need the additional access and maintenance of root access that comes with our VPS and Dedicated server platforms. We tailor the servers to meet the needs of modern applications such as WordPress, XenForo, […]

If you wish to ensure no changes are being made to websites during a migration, it is best to consider preventing updates on your website and setup some form of maintenance or offline mode. Many¬†CMS¬†applications offer this functionality through use of plugins or a .maintenance file in the document root. By placing the website in […]