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How to access WordPress Management Interface

Category: Managed Wordpress
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This article covers how to access your WordPress management interface through the Plesk interface.

We’ll be going over the steps required to make this process simple and easy.

Step 1: Login to your Plesk interface

You can login to Plesk through two methods.

  1. Through your dashboard following this method: one-click login
  2. Through the direct URL received in your ‘Welcome Email’

If you choose the latter; you should see the following page.

login management interface

Step 2: Access the WordPress Management Interface

You’ll want to access the WordPress Interface by clicking the “WordPress” button on the left-hand side of the Plesk interface as highlighted.

domains management interface

Now that you’ve clicked that button, you should see the following screen:

installation management interface

Within this area, you can do the following functions for your WordPress website

  • Scan for changes
  • Check for updates
  • Security check of common issues
  • Manage Plugins
  • Manage Themes
  • Manage Database
  • Set Maintenance Mode
  • Set Debugging Mode
  • Set password protect

All of these features allow for the ease of management of your WordPress website.