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We have not yet rolled out proactive monitoring to all product lines. Please contact us for more information.

Proactive Monitoring

KnownHost's proactive monitoring is a service available to VPSs and dedicated servers where we will monitor your server's services in detail and respond accordingly when something goes wrong.

What is Monitored?

We currently monitor the key services of your system. You are fully able to control whether or not a service is monitored through For more information on how to enable/disable monitoring on each service click here

CPU Usage

We look for high CPU usage in 2 different ways - high current usage and high historical averages.

Memory (RAM) Usage

We monitor for both out of memory (OOM) events as well as high historical averages.


The sshd service is monitored to make sure it is running.

Chkservd and Tailwatchd

The chkservd and tailwatchd processes are monitored to make sure they are running.


We monitor BIND (named), MyDNS, NSD, and PowerDNS


ipaliases is reponsible for managing additional IPs on your server. If it crashes then additional IPs will be completely unreachable so we want to make sure it's up and running.


We monitor both Apache (httpd) and Litespeed using advanced flap detection which lets us detect not only if your server is up/down, but if it's been "flapping" up and down even between our checks.


We monitor MySQL and MariaDB with advanced flap detection so we can tell if it's been going up and down.


SMTP is responsible for sending email.


POP3 is a way to download email.


IMAP is a way to download email.

Email Queue

We look for large emails queues which can be indicative of outbound SPAM. Outbound SPAM can cause your IP reputation to become tarnished and impact email deliverability.

Configserver Firewall (CSF) & Login Failure Daemon (LFD)

The CSF/LFD process needs to be running for the firewall to function properly.

OS & Panel versions

We do not trigger automatic alerts based on OS/Panel versions but we will use the data to contact you if any issues arise. We don't do it automatically since an outdated version will not by itself cause downtime.


There are a few requirements to use our proactive monitoring services. Our support team will take care of any software installations necessary upon your purchase of the service.

  • The psrepo yum repository must be installed in your server.
  • zabbix-ps-addon package from psrepo.
  • ps-openssh-service package from psrepo.

We maintain the psrepo repository and the packages within it. If you wish to purchase proactive monitoring you must allow us to install these packages.

What Happens When You Detect an Issue?

When our system detects an issue we will automatically open a ticket for you with our support team. The ticket is opened with the priority set to critical and we will begin looking into the issue.

We will take necessary and reasonable steps to resolve the issue without any input from you. Once we have resolved the issue we will update the ticket with the steps taken as well as the cause of the issue if it can be determined.

In rare circumstances we will require feedback from you before we can take corrective action if the needed action involves things outside of our scope of work.

Server Access

As part of our proactive monitoring/management services we will install ps-openssh-service from our RPM repository. This will give us private access to work on your server without needing the root password from you.

This system uses secure key-based authentication through the existing SSH process on your server. It does not allow us global access - our team can only use the system to access your server when you have an open proactive support ticket. Further the system is locked down so no one outside of our physical network can access it at all.

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