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How to Login to My KnownHost?

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KnownHost has two different portals to manage customer’s billing-related and support-related queries efficiently. The first is Billing Portal for all your billing-related tasks with the purchased services, and the second is the Supportal Portal, through which you can connect with our team for sales and support-related stuff.

Logging into Billing (

Billing Portal is the default portal on which you get registered while placing an order with email address and the password. The same registered emaila ddress and the password you need to use while logging into the Billing Portal.

1. First navigate to KnownHost client portal. Then, click on My Account or click on User icon situated at top-right corner.

navigate to my-knownhost-com

2. Enter the Registered Email Address & Password.

enter username and password

3. Click on Log in.

how to login into my knownhost com

4. Congratulations! You have successfully logged into KnownHost Billing Portal.

knownhost dashboard billing portal


This article is meant to be for all the new customers of Known Host. If you are ever stuck somewhere, we are here to help you! We have covered a step-by-step guide on logging into Billing Portal, registering yourself on Support Portal and the ticking submitting procedure.

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