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Information about VPS Backups and Restorations

We often get asked about the backups that we take of VPSs, things such as "how long do you keep them" or "how often are they taken". The information below should answer all of your questions about our backups.

  • We backup each VPS on our network every other day.
  • Our backups do not count against your disk quota.
  • The following folders are not included in our backups:
    • /backup/
    • /backups
    • /cpbackup
    • /home/backup
    • /home/cprestore
    • /tmp
  • We generally have backups as old as at least 7-14 days. Often times we'll have older backups available though this is not guaranteed.

Full VPS restorations

  • Full VPS restorations are free.
    • To have your full VPS restored open a ticket requesting so. We will provide you with a list of available restore points for you to choose from.
    • During a full VPS restoration your VPS will be offline.
    • The time taken to restore your full VPS will depend upon how large your VPS is (in GB) and the number of inodes it contains. The number of inodes has a greater effect on speed than the size of it.

Partial VPS restorations

  • We can restore certain files/folders of your choosing for a $10 fee.
    • MySQL databases using the InnoDB engine cannot be restored unless ALL databases are restored (all of /var/lib/mysql).
    • cPanel accounts that have been deleted cannot be restored.
      • We can however restore information which may have been deleted from an account such as emails or files. If an email account itself was deleted though, this account would need to be recreated via cPanel and we could then put the email files back in it. If you have any questions about this please ask us via a support ticket.
    • Multiple files/directories can be restored with a single restore attempt, we will just need a list of these files/directories. Subsequent requests will be treated as new requests.

KnownHost backup files

  • Our backup files are not available for download nor can we make them available.
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