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Changing your server's hostname

Your server's hostname is what is used to identify the VPS, both internally and externally. Often times the need to change the hostname is wanted, if not needed.

Submit a ticket

Currently, you are required to submit a Support Department Ticket, requesting a hostname change. (Changing in the near future). When opening the ticket, please ensure to use the following format:

Ticket Subject: VPS IPADDRESS Hostname Change

Message Body: Please update my VPS's hostname as follows:

Current Hostname:
New Hostname:

Thank you.

After submitting the ticket, our Support Department will make the necessary back-end configuration changes for your VPS's hostname to take effect.

Ensure proper DNS configuration

You'll also need to ensure that proper DNS configuration changes have been made.

The instructions for updating these settings can differ by Control Panel, for this reason, you'll need to select the appropriate matching Control Panel guide below:

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