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 +<WRAP center round alert 75%>
 +This article is no longer valid. Please reference this new article: [[my-knownhost:​manage-services:​vps-control:​vps-actions|]]
 ====== Can I restart my VPS on my own? ====== ====== Can I restart my VPS on my own? ======
-Yes, you can restart the VPS on your own at any time through the Virtuozzo Power Panel. +Please reference this new article[[my-knownhost:manage-services:vps-control:vps-actions|]]
- +
-The Power Panel can be accessed by visitinghttps://<YOUR VPS IP>:4643/​vz/​cp +
- +
-You can also force restart your VPS via SSH command''​shutdown ​-R now''​+
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