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EV Certificate Tips

Here are some general tips for taking care of the validation process (outside of verifying that you control the domain [domain-control-validation or DCV]).

What's Validated?

EV Validation generally consists of verifying the following information:

  • The organization's legal name
  • That the organization is in good standing
  • The organization's tradename or "Doing Business As" (DBA) name, if used
  • That the organization is currently operating
  • Address where business operations are conducted
  • The organization's main business telephone number
  • The organization has control of the domain(s) listed on the certificate (DCV)

How can I make validation easier?

When submitting validation information for EV certificates, here's some things you can do to make the process go smoothly:

  • Use the legally registered name of the organization listed on the business' documents. Don't list the trade name/DBA as the organization's legal name
  • You can use a trade name on the certificate along with the legal name. Any DBA or trade names used on the certificate must be registered by a governmental agency
  • Use the physical address where the organization conducts business. Do not use PO Box, mail stop/forwarding, "care of", virtual office address or a registered agent address

Other Tips

  • Sole-proprietorships (or similar) and some types of partnerships require a principal individual in the organization to be verified
  • All EV certificates must have and use the legal name of the organization. If a tradename/DBA is verified, the certificate will be listed with the tradename and legal name similar to this format; tradename (legal name)
  • In the case of a sole-trader, the legal name is the owner or principal name
  • No certificate can be issued to the tradename/ DBA name only – the organization's legal name must be used
  • Various ndustry guidelines limit the type of third-party databases that can be used for validation. A site controlled by the applicant can not be used for validation
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