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How to install an SSL Certificate on DirectAdmin

So, you’ve purchased an SSL Certificate and now you don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! If you’ve purchased a standard DV certificate, an OV certificate or an EV Certificate, it doesn’t matter, no stress! We’ll help explain things to help make it easy for you to install your SSL certificate on DirectAdmin.

Whether it’s an automated SSL or a paid certificate within this guide we’ll be going over the steps needed so that you can learn how to install an SSL Certificate on DirectAdmin.

We hope this guide helps you with this relatively easy process.

Installing your DirectAdmin SSL Certificate

You’ll need to login to your DirectAdmin user through the DirectAdmin Panel – or if you’re the Administrator, you can drop in through the admin user.

Once at the user level, go to “Account Manager” and click “SSL Certificates”:

navigate to ssl certificates directadmin control panel

Once inside the SSL Certificate area, you’ll see many different choices:

  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Paste pre-generated
  • Certificate Request
  • Self Signed

You’ll want to ensure that you have the “Paste pre-generated’ box checked as outlined in the following screenshot:

You’ll see two boxes in this window, the “Key” box and the “Certificate” Box.

The “key” box is for the Private RSA Key

The “certificate” box is for the actual certificate or .crt file

Please see this example:

paste key and certificate in directadmin ssl

Once your certificate is entered, click “Save” for it to take effect.

Installing your DirectAdmin SSL Certificate

Setting DirectAdmin CA Root Certificate

To set the CA Root Certificate, you’ll want to click “CA Root Certificate” within the SSL Certificate area:

ca root certificate directadmin

This will take you to the “CA Root Certificate” window to apply for the certificate.

You paste it and click “Save” – simple as that!

paste the ca root ssl certificate

Your SSL certificate at this point should be installed properly.


An SSL Certificate helps encrypt the communication between browser and server during a users interaction. We hope that this helped you install the certificate you’ve purchased or if it’s helped you in some other manner.

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