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   * [[security:csf-lfd:how-to-fix-syslog-failed-message|How to fix SYSLOG failed message]]   * [[security:csf-lfd:how-to-fix-syslog-failed-message|How to fix SYSLOG failed message]]
   * [[security:csf-lfd:how-to-enable-port-knocking|How to enable port knocking in CSF/LFD]]   * [[security:csf-lfd:how-to-enable-port-knocking|How to enable port knocking in CSF/LFD]]
 +  * [[security:csf-lfd:what-to-do-if-csf-lfd-warns-that-dovecot-using-weak-ssl-ciphers|What to do if CSF/LFD warns that Dovecot is using weak SSL/TLS ciphers?]]
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