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Email Addresses

On this page, you can add and manage email accounts for your domain.

Creating an Email Account

To create an email account, you will need to fill in the username, password, quota if desired, and click "CREATE ACCOUNT". The "Username" box is where you type the first part of the email address–everything before the @ sign. The part of the address after the @ sign will be the same as the domain you choose from the "Domain Name" dropdown box.

When choosing a password, remember to make sure it is secure. There is also a button on the page to help you generate a password. Once you have chosen a password, you will need to type it twice: in the "Password" box, and again in the "Confirm Password" box.

If you choose to assign a quota to the account,1) type the number of Megabytes (MB) in the quota box. Note that 0 means "unlimited".

Once all of the needed information has been entered in, click the "CREATE ACCOUNT" button.

Changing Email Account Quotas

Once email accounts exist, you can still change their quotas. In the Account List at the bottom of the screen, click the "CHANGE QUOTA" button in the row of the desired account. Then a new box will appear beneath the row. There, type the new quota2) in the box labeled "Quota" and then click "SAVE CHANGES". Or, you can close the new box by clicking "CLOSE".

Changing Passwords

You can also change the password of an email account. In the Account List, open the dropdown box next to the "CHANGE QUOTA" button, and choose "Change Password". That will open a new box for changing the password. As before, you will need to enter the new password both in the "Password" box and the "Confirm Password" box. As always, be sure to choose a secure password. You can also use the "GENERATE PASSWORD" button to generate a password for you. When you are finished, click the "SAVE CHANGES" button to save your changes.


You can also use this page to access Webmail for the new email account. First, choose "Webmail" from the dropdown box next to "CHANGE QUOTA".

The first time you access the webmail, there will be an option to choose Roundcube, Horde, or SquirrelMail as a default webmail application. You can also simply click on one of the applications to use it now without setting any default at this time. Below this, downloadable automatic configuration scripts are available for some mail clients, that you can download and run on your computer or mobile device to configure your mail client for you. Also from this screen there is a User Preferences menu in the top navigation bar, which will remain there in the webmail applications as well.

Also on this page, you can view the settings needed in order to configure a mail client manually, or send configuration instructions to an email address of your choice. Make sure if emailing yourself instructions that you are emailing them to an address you will be able to read them at.

The quota can be changed later, if desired.
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