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How to enable WordPress debugging

Suddenly your website isn’t working after that plugin install? Need to figure out why the website is failing to load? This can be done with WordPress debugging mode.

There are certain situations with WordPress where you may be experiencing issues with customized code, themes and/or plugins that have been recently added to your website.

Enabling this feature on WordPress is easy with the WordPress interface within Plesk.

To enable it – simply click the toggle switch where ‘Debugging’ is.

wordpress debugging

Configuring WordPress Debugging

The WordPress toolset allows for specific configuring of the debugging settings. These configurations enhance the amount of debugging information provided for advanced troubleshooting.


These options are shown after clicking the “Setup” link near the “Debugging” toggle.

You’ll be provided with a window that explains the debugging capabilities in great detail.

With this easy-to-use interface, enabling debugging for troubleshooting has never been easier.


Now that we’ve gone over how to enable debugging on WordPress using Plesk. You can always contact KnownHost support if you need any more help.

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