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How to clone your WordPress for staging

This article covers how to clone your website or setup a staging site for your WordPress website through the Plesk interface.

We’ll be going over the steps required to make this process simple and easy.

Step 1: Login to your Plesk interface

You can login to Plesk through two methods.

  1. Through your dashboard following this method: one-click login
  2. Through the direct URL received in your ‘Welcome Email’

If you choose the latter; you should see the following page.

Step 2: Access “WordPress Management Interface”

Once logged in, you’ll want to click “WordPress” on the left-hand side as highlighted below:

Now that you’re within the WordPress Management interface, you’ll want to look under “Tools” and click “Clone” as highlighted below:

Step 3: Set your parameters

Once you’ve clicked “Clone” this should bring up the following window:

This is asking you to choose a source (typically default) then set a target.

This will create a subdomain on your behalf. We recommend utilizing the default subdomain root directory.

It will create a database for you and update your configuration files.

Click “Start” and the process will begin to copy/clone your WordPress website into a staging website so that you can work on it separately from your live website.


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