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Domain Registration

All domains registered with KnownHost include FREE domain WHOIS privacy! This can be enabled/disabled on demand at

KnownHost offers domain registration services for some of the most popular TLDs. Purchasing your domains through us has many benefits including centralized service management and the ability for our support team to set and/or register nameservers for you reducing the amount of work you need to do. We also offer FREE domain privacy for life on domains registered with us!

Many people are understandably wary of purchasing domains from their hosting provider but rest assured we will never hold your domain hostage and outbound transfers are in no way delayed by us. The ability to lock/unlock the domain for transfer and retrieve the transfer (EPP) code is available in our client portal to you at all times.

Pricing and Availability

TLD/Extension Price/year
.biz $19.95 Order Now
.blog $34.95 Order Now
.ca $13.34 Order Now
.cc $13.34 Order Now
.center $24.95 Order Now
.club $11.98 Order Now
.co $33.89 Order Now
.com $13.95 Order Now
.de $7.83 Order Now
.design $49.83 Order Now
.group $21.83 Order Now
.host $97.29 Order Now
.hosting $461.43 Order Now
.icu $8.53 Order Now
.in $10.95 Order Now
.info $17.95 Order Now
.io $49.83 Order Now
.legal $57.98 Order Now
.link $11.61 Order Now
.live $26.03 Order Now
.me $19.25 Order Now
.net $17.95 Order Now
.nl $10.63 Order Now
.online $37.23 Order Now
.org $16.95 Order Now
.photo $31.63 Order Now
.pics $31.63 Order Now
.site $33.03 Order Now
.tech $55.43 Order Now
.us $11.84 Order Now
.vacations $33.03 Order Now
.vodka $33.03 Order Now
.website $24.63 Order Now
.ws $31.34 Order Now
.xyz $13.95 Order Now

To order a domain 1)click here.

Domain Transfers

Per ICANN policy a domain cannot be transferred within 60 days of its registration or last transfer. This applies to domain registrations being transferred to us as well as away from us. For more information on domain transfer limitations and regulations please reference 2)this ICAAN page.

To KnownHost

When transferring a domain registration to us, you'll be asked for what's known as an EPP code on the order form. You'll need to obtain the EPP code from the old/current registrar's control panel or by contacting their support. In addition, the domain will need to be unlocked to allow the transfer.

Once the order is submitted to us and the EPP code is validated, an email will be dispatched to the administrative WHOIS contact listed for that domain with a link that must be clicked in order to continue with the transfer. After this link is clicked, the old registrar has five (5) days to release the domain to us.

While many registrars will either approve the request automatically or email you an additional link to get them to approve the transfer immediately, some do not and you may have to wait the full five days for the transfer to complete.

Away From KnownHost

No action is required by us for you to transfer a domain to another registrar. You will need to unlock the domain and retrieve the EPP code for it both of which can be done on the "Settings" tab when managing the domain in the 3)My KnownHost panel.

We do not delay transfers in any way and approve all transfers nearly instantaneously on our end. We do not and will not hold your domain hostage.

Domain Control Panel

Domains can be controlled through the 4)My KnownHost panel. When logged into the panel click on "manage" next to a respective domain to be presented with the management options for it.

Domains with the 5)pendingTransfer status cannot be managed until the transfer is complete.


On this page you'll be present with a form to update the Registrant, Administrative, Technical, and Billing WHOIS contact info. If you have domain privacy enabled on your domain this information will not be public.


Nameservers are responsible for serving your domain's DNS. In the case of a shared hosting account, these will be provided to you. For reseller accounts you have the option of using the ones provided to you or registering your own private nameservers. For VPSs and dedicated servers, you'll need to register nameservers before they can be used for your domain.

If you use an external DNS provider such as Cloudflare this is where you'll enter the nameservers they provide you.

Register Nameservers (GLUE Records)

Registering your own nameservers will allow other domains to be pointed to your own nameservers, or for the domain you've created the nameservers on to be pointed at its own nameservers.

GLUE records work at the TLD level so no matter what nameservers your domain is pointed to, the GLUE records exist above that.

To register your nameserver you'll need to choose a prefix (example) and point it to one or more IPs. In the majority of cases you'll have one IPv4 address, and possibly one IPv6 address. If in doubt, only use one IP address.


On the settings page you can do several different things including:

  • Check the email verification status for your domain (Required by 6)ICANN)
  • Add/remove registrar lock to allow/prevent transfers
  • Request EPP code for transfers
  • Enable/disable WHOIS privacy7)
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