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Managed WordPress Hosting

With our Fully Managed WordPress Hosting packages you can get your site up and running in no time without any of the technical hassle of even traditional shared hosting accounts.

In addition to the ease of setup, our WordPress plans are tailored to exactly the needs of WordPress to allow your site to operate blazing fast.

WordPress specific utilities such as WP-CLI, Litespeed’s LSCache, and Imunify360 all contribute to an ecosystem enabling installations to be used to their full potential. You don’t have to worry about keeping your site updated, the server updated, or PHP versions – we handle all of that for you. It is the best hosting option for you upload your content, sit back, and relax.

Free SSL

We issue a free domain-validated certificate to your website once it resolves to our servers. This certificate will be automatically installed within 24 hours of your website’s DNS being updated to point to our servers though often it’s significantly sooner.

Notable Software Details

HTTP ServerLitespeed Webserver Enterprise
Available HTTP ProtocolsHTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, QUIC
PHP Version8.x
MySQL/MariaDB Version10.5.x
PHP max_execution_time120s
MySQL query execution time limit30s
WP-CLI VersionLatest
WP-CLI Path/usr/local/bin/wp
Git Path/usr/local/bin/git
PHP memory_limit256M
PHP upload_max_filesize128M
PHP post_max_size128M
PHP max_input_vars3000

Our WordPress Install

We do not modify WP core in any way. We do pre-install a few plugins. We maintain a small plugin blacklist of plugins which are harmful, degrade performance, or conflict with our system.

Customizing Plugins

If you wish to customize the source code of plugins, you probably don’t want the auto-updater overwriting your work with an update. Our auto-updater will update any plugin with a slug matching one in the plugin repository. To prevent your work from being overwritten we recommend you extend the plugin’s functionality with your own, or change the slug to one not found in the repository.

Customizing Themes

Using child themes are the preferred way to customize themes. Our system will not touch child themes as the slug will not match a repository theme.

For more information about child themes and how to use them see WordPress Child Themes

Litespeed’s LSCache

Make sure you keep the Litespeed Cache plugin installed (we install it for you by default) so you’re taking full advantage of Litespeed’s caching capabilities to supercharge your site!


We create backups of your account(s) each day, and retain two daily copies and one weekly copy as part of our complementary Standard backups.

Upgraded backups are available with our Professional or Premium backup options available to all Managed WordPress services detailed below. These packages offer greater retention and/or backup frequency than Standard backups.

Backup FrequencyDaily / WeeklyDaily12-Hour
# of Backups Retained2 daily / 1 weekly3060