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How to Install Git on a Dedicated Server

Installing Git on a dedicated server at KnownHost will often mean you're wanting to install Git onto a server running CentOS.

Git isn't at all difficult to install using the process below.

Installing Git Prerequisites

Before running through the steps to install, first make sure that:

  • you have a user account that can execute sudo (you must have sudo privileges)
  • yum package manager is installed, configured and usable by your user account
  • you're able to connect, get to a terminal prompt and are ready to go

How to Install Git

Installing Git is just as straightforward as most other application installs:

Step 1 - See if Git is already installed (no need to reinstall if it's already there)

  git --version

Step 2 - Make sure the package repository is fully updated

  sudo yum update

Step 3 - Install Git

  sudo yum install -y git

Step 4 - Confirm install was a success

  git --version
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