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cPanel Account's Other Disk Usage

cPanel's Disk Usage interface displays the disk usage as consumed via email accounts, sites, databases, logs, etc. It also contains a value for 'other usage'.

Sometimes this value can be quite large and you may need to identify exactly what this 'other' usage is so that you can clear disk space.

To find the disk usage used by the account within the account's root directory:

  du -sch /home/username --exclude=virtfs

Because the account stores data outside of the account's root directory, such as data in /tmp, Mailman archives, backups, etc., the "Other Usage" section exists to show this data.

NOTE: Trash is also counted under "Other Usage" as well (both email trash and account trash), even though this exists under the user's root directory, so be sure to check the size of this and add it to whatever you find outside the user's root directory.

  du -sch /home/username/.trash
  du -sch /home/username/mail/*/*/.Trash/

To find owned files located outside the cPanel user's root directory, you can use the following command:

Where <username> with be replaced with the cPanel Account name you're looking to check.

ACCT=<username>; find / -path /home/virtfs -prune -o -path /home/${ACCT} -prune -o -type f -user $ACCT -print0 | du -sch --files0-from=- > file-usage-output.txt

The above output can be output to a file so you could then then check the file file-usage-output.txt to see what is consuming this space.

If you find that the cPanel Disk Usage interface hangs when loading, try checking the cPanel error log as you may need to increase the "Max cPanel process memory" from the default of 768M. This may also just be the result of having far too many files located within a single directory, as can be the case with cache. You can clear the cache to resolve this.

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