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Configure DNS for hostname changes in cPanel

Hostname DNS configurations in cPanel

For this example, is and I'll be changing to This example is also considering that the domain '' is already hosted on the VPS. For more about how to choose a hostname, you can read more here.

  1. Open your WHM Panel in your favorite browser. ( https://serveripaddress:2087 or http://serveripaddress:2086 )
  2. Navigate to the Edit DNS Zone panel.
  3. Select the zone for the domain name that the new hostname will be on. Remember for this example, we're using ''. Then press the [ Edit ] button.
  4. Once in the DNS Zone Editor, for the correct domain name, scroll down past the already defined records. You'll see empty record fields below, Add New Entries Below this Line.
  5. n the first empty field, input the subdomain text of your new hostname. (eg. for 'tuts' will be the record we enter)
  6. Leave the default numerical TTL value (you can change if you wish), select [ A ] for the Record Type value, and input your server's IP address in the IP or Hostname field.
  7. No other configurations need to be changed or altered here, simply scroll down and press the [ Save ] button.

Checking the hostname change

Ensure that you have properly submitted the Support ticket as previously referenced and followed the above procedures. After doing so, let's check to make sure everything is working properly.

  1. In WHM, navigate to Home »Networking Setup »Change Hostname
  2. Look for the "Current Hostname" box at the top of the panel. This should present your accurate hostname, however if it does not, please ensure that your Support Department ticket request has been completed properly, then continue to the bottom of the page looking for "Change Hostname", at which point you will input the newly desired hostname and select [ Change ].
  3. Test by opening WHM via the hostname.
    1. Open a new browser window and use the following URL template/example to open your WHM Panel. ( for this example: )
      • If everyhing is working properly, your WHM Panel should open with the provided link.
  4. Testing with the hostname command via SSH terminal.
    1. Open a SSH terminal as root on your server.
    2. Type hostname
      • Last login: Tue Oct 21 12:18:34 2014 from
        root@tuts [~]# hostname
    3. You'll see the output of your current hostname returned.
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