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Resetting an email account password

For security reasons, sometimes it is necessary to reset or regenerate a new password for email accounts. This article will describe how to reset email passwords on a cPanel/WHM server.

You can learn more about choosing passwords here.

Resetting a cPanel Email Address Password

  1. Login to to your WHM Panel as the root user. ( http:<yourserversip>:2086 or https:<yourserversip>:2087 )
  2. Navigate to the Home » Account Information » List Accounts Panel.

  1. Find the appropriate cPanel account in the list, and click the cPanel icon ( ) listed in the second column.
    • If no cPanel icon/column is listed. Please refer to this Article for assistance enabling it.
  2. The cPanel interface for that user will now be opened.
  3. Navigate to the Home » Email » Accounts Panel, or type 'email accounts' in the top search bar.
  4. On the Email Accounts page, you'll see three main sections. 'Add Email Account', 'Email Accounts', and 'Default Email Accout'. Scroll down to the 'Email Accounts' section.

  1. Find the appropriate email account and click the 'Change Password' action.
  2. You will be prompted for the new password, which you can provide by inputting your own secured password or by selecting the 'Password Generator' button.
  3. Once both Password fields confrim a match with the green check icons, proceed by clicking the [ Change Password ] button.

Video Version

Resetting a cPanel Email Address Password via Command Line

Unfortunately there is no way to accomplish this via command line at this time.

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