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It is strongly recommended to have automatic backups configured for your server. Although we do keep Snapshots of the VPSs, the most reliable way of restoring lost site data is from the backups configurable within WHM.1) In Dedicated Servers, these are enabled by default, but we cannot automatically configure Additional Destinations since you need to provide some of the information for them. This article discusses how to configure automatic backups in WHM, how to order and set up an External Storage Addon,2) and some general recommendations about how to choose backup settings.

Configuring Backups

In order to configure automatic backups in a cPanel server, first, log into WHM. The url should look like https://<ipaddress>:2087 or https://<hostname>:2087, where <ipaddress> is replaced by the IP address of your server, and <hostname> is the hostname of your server. The first of these will give a warning about the certificate which can be safely ignored:

The hostname version of the login url will only work if the server's hostname resolves correctly to the server, but will usually not give a warning about the certificate:

Once logged in, go to Home »Backup »Backup Configuration:

On this page, various backup settings can be chosen. More detail about these options will be covered later in this article.

or DirectAdmin or Plesk
currently for Dedicated Servers only
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