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How to restore specific Files/Directory backup using JetBackup 5?

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JetBackup is a suitable and ready-to-use backup functionality that KnownHost offers with the web hosting services*. If you have web hosting services with us, you will most likely see Jetbackup 5 option within the control panel. Learn, How to restore Files/Directory backup using JetBackup 5?

1. Log in to cPanel using Username Password. i.e; ( or

2. Navigate to Files → JetBackup 5.

navigate to jetbackup 5

3. To view existing full backups, navigate to Restore & Download → Home Directory.

navigate to home directory jet backup

4. Here, you can see list of all the available backups of Home Directory.

list of available backups of home directory jet backup 5

5. Select the desired backupClick on Change File Selection.

change file selection jet backup home directory

6. If you want to restore the DirectorySelect DirectoryClick on Select Files.

select the directory click on select files jetbackup

7. (Optional) If you want to select the specific FileNavigate to the DestinationSelect the File/FilesClick on Select Files.

select files for the restore jet backup

8. Finally, click on Restore.

restore file or directory jetbackup 5

9. In the Restore Summary, you can see selective items which will be restored. Also, you can select/deselect Items → Click on Restore Selected Items.

restore summary for the home and files jetbackup

10. Now, from the back-end restoration will begin and that you can monitor from the Jetbackup → Queue. Once the restoration has been complete, you can see the Complete message in the Status section.

How to restore Files Directory backup using JetBackup 5?

Congratulations! You have successfully restored Directory or Files backup with Jetbackup 5.

Conclusion – JetBackup 5

Now that we’ve gone over how to restore specific Files/Directory backup using JetBackup 5 if you’re not a KnownHost customer, the Jetbackup and the backups depend on the hosting provider’s retention policy.

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