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Upgrading PHP in cPanel servers

Category: cPanel
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cPanel/WHM often implements the upgraded PHP versions with the newest security updates; for PHP updated versions, you must keep the cPanel/WHM server up-to-date. Let us know more about upgrading PHP versions in cPanel servers.

1. First, login into the WHM panel, or https://IP-address: 2087 or https://server-hostname: 2087.


2. Navigate to Software → EasyApache 4.

navigate to easyapache whm

3. Next, click on Customize.

click on customise easyapache

4. Now navigate to the PHP Versions Select desired PHP version (Optional) Select the option “PHP X.X and Extensions” or else you can continue without commonly used extensions Click on Next.

navigate to easy apache php version and select php version copy

5. In the Reviewclick on Provision.

Upgrading PHP in cPanel servers

6. Congratulations! You have successfully installed PHP version.

upgrade to latest php version


Now that we’ve gone over how to upgrade the PHP version in the WHM server. Keeping your server up-to-date with the latest performance decreases the security risks and increases the performance significantly.

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