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With DirectAdmin, you could technically have two different sites for the same domain depending on whether or not you use HTTP or HTTPS. The HTTP site is loaded from public_html, and the HTTPS site is loaded from private_html. If you’ve set up your site with the standard public_html and installed an SSL for your site, […]

Like other web hosting control panels, DirectAdmin also provides Password Protection for the directory and cuts out the access of the protected directory from the public key. If anyone has a username and password, they can only be able to access the directory. Using this option, you can maintain the privacy of the data and […]

How to set up Directory Privacy in cPanel?

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Using cPanel’s Directory Privacy option, you can set up password protection for a particular directory. While performing directory privacy, the user needs to be created, and the provided password and the username need to be used while accessing the directory from the browser. This is quite a handy privacy option you can use to share […]