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How to Configure FileZilla to upload files via sFTP?

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Hosting files over the internet is done by uploading the file’s data from the local computer to servers. You have many options to upload, download, copy, rsync data on the servers. FTP/sFTP is one of the preferred options to upload/download data on the server. In this article, we will se How to Configure FileZilla to […]

How to set/configure Spam Filters in cPanel?

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cPanel Spam Filters are powered by Apache SpamAssassin™; as per the configuration of Email Filters, you can set up the action taken if the configured condition gets true. In the Spam Filters, you can either categorize the received email in a separate Spam Box or automatically delete the email from the server. 1. Log in […]

How to use Indexes in cPanel?

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If your root directory doesn’t have the index file available, through the Indexes feature of cPanel, you can customize how the directory appears if someone browses through the browser. You can configure the settings for directory No Indexing, Show Filename Only or Show Filename with Description. 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or 2. Navigate to […]