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How to manage your KnownHost MWP?

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KnownHost offers a specialized service for WordPress users called MWP. If you already got yourself one, this article will demonstrate how you can manage your KnownHost MWP.

1. First, login into Billing Portal ( with registered email address and password.

enter username and password

2. In the Navigation tray, you can find the option “Services” click on that or you can navigate to Dashboard  Click on Services.

navigate to services knownhost billing portal

3. Then, locate the MWP service Click on Manage.

click on manage mwp service

4. You will be navigated to the Information tab by default. Here, you can see all the general information about the service, such as Service Name, Status, Renewal Date, Creation Date, etc.

information tab mwp

5. In Actions tab, you can change the password for the MWP service.

actions to change password mwp

6. In Statistics tab, you can view current Disk Space and Bandwidth usage.

stats of the mwp service


Now that we’ve gone over how to manage your KnownHost MWP package easily. Also, we have demonstrated the various other options and add-ons that will ease user’s MWP service management.

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