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How to Whitelist or Blacklist Emails cPanel’s email filters?

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In the previously covered article How to set/configure Spam Filters in cPanel? We have covered the full feature of the Spam Filters option in cPanel. This article will cover how to whitelist the email addresses to bypass the Spam Filters and how to blacklist addresses to avoid continuous spamming on the server giving you greater control over your cPanel accounts email filters.

1. Log in to cPanel using Username Password. i.e; ( or

2. Navigate to Email → Spam Filters.


3. Expand the Additional Configuration by clicking on Show Additional Configurations.


4. To Whitelist Emails, click on Edit Spam Whitelist Settings.


5. Click on +Add a New “whitelist_from” item.


6. Enter the Email Address to Whitelist Click on Update Whitelist (whitelist_from).


4. To Blacklist Emails, click on Edit Spam Blacklist Settings.


5. Click on +Add a New “blacklist_from” item.


6. Enter the Email Address to Blacklist Click on Update Blacklist (blacklist_from).



Now that we’ve gone over how to whitelist and blacklist emails in spam filters. Using whitelist/blacklist features, you can ideally avoid getting spammy emails and prevent whitelisted emails from being marked as spam.

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