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E-Commerce: Which hosting service do I need?

You have a idea for an e-commerce website. Now you want to launch and you need to find a service for it. However, first you need to choose which sort of hosting service to go with. Finding such a service for your e-commerce solution, this doesn’t have to be a frightening task. With KnownHost, all hosting services available come with the ability to handle an e-commerce website. You need to think about what sort of online store you’re looking to achieve.

  • What type of online store? (Merchandise, products, digital services?)
  • How many products?
  • How many variations of products?
  • Lots of images?
  • What sort of traffic and how much traffic?

Without having answers to these questions, choosing the proper hosting service isn’t going to be as easy as it should. You could start with the shotgun approach with KnownHost’s “Standard Webhosting”. This would provide you with a good base platform as it provides some advantageous features.

  • Optimized webserver (Litespeed powered)
  • Free SSL Certificate (For client/server encryption)
  • Website Application Firewall (Imunify360 powered)
  • Proactive Virus Scanning (Imunify360 powered)
  • Softaculous one-click installer.

While the Standard webhosting service is a great starting point. As time moves on, your website could experience more customers. This may lead to issues with traffic or resource limits, as a result of your current hosting service. Thankfully, with KnownHost as your managed hosting provider we can help. We’ll evaluate your e-commerce solution, provide recommendations for future growth in mind and help move you to the next solution. Whether that be a VPS or Dedicated Server depending on your future needs.

KnownHost doesn’t just want to be “another hosting provider”. We want to be your partner in your web hosting experience. Standing with you every step of youre-commerce website journey while helping your business grow with you. It’s for this reason that KnownHost offers hosting services from Shared, VPS, and Cloud to customized Dedicated solutions. Whatever your platform, no matter how big or small, we can build a solution for you.

We’ll go over KnownHost’s provided hosting services that would benefit an e-commerce solution.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting provides features that would be beneficial towards an online store. Features such as Litespeed, Imunify360, free SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth, website analytical tools, and more. Shared Hosting provides a good platform to start an online store on. However, it may not be so good for a store with an established presence.

Sharing Hosting plans are geared towards users who are either new to web hosting. Looking to see how well their website can do before they invest anymore time or money into it. Since Shared Hosting is inexpensive compared to other hosting solutions, it’s great for starting an e-commerce website from WordPress, OpenCart and more.

VPS Hosting

If you’ve outgrown Shared Hosting, then a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the next step. A VPS provides the resources needed to handle a websites growth. This is especially beneficial for e-commerce stores that have advanced applications running them. VPS Services can scale in resources providing your thriving e-commerce business with the ability to grow. Paired with service addons such as Litespeed, LSCache, Imunify360, all make the VPS an appealing platform to expand upon.

Lest we not forget that the resources obtained with a VPS. Providing the ability to run more advanced e-commerce solutions such as Magento w/ Elastic Search for a powerfule-commerce website. KnownHost’s VPS plans are all SSD based offering up to 8 CPU Cores, 12GB of Guaranteed RAM, 300GB of RAID-10 SSD Storage and 6TB of Premium Bandwidth all optimized for the best latency possible.

Need more power? Speed? KnownHost can go one step FURTHER beyond your typical VPS configuration with NVMe VPS Solutions providing High Frequency CPU’s (Clocking over 3Ghz+), fast NVMe storage while ensuring that our services remain second to none by offering up to 32GB of Guaranteed RAM on those services.

Cloud (KVM) Hosting

KVM Based servers are like their VPS counterpart in terms of resources (NVMe VPS Excluded). However, their primary advantage lies in the underlying distributed storage. This means that your data isn’t all in one place. This allows quick service restoration in the event of failure. An important aspect to consider for your future e-commerce store as a offline server means no income. Cloud servers are fast, provide ample resources while being more robust.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Let’s be honest. Dedicated Servers are the cream of the crop. Providing flexibility, control, ample resources and more. This ensures that your e-commerce visitors are getting an exceptional experience. Optimized configurations that allow your website to thrive. KnownHost provides bleeding edge hardware configurations within a state of the art facility. We spare no expense when it comes to Dedicated Servers

  • CPU or RAM Upgrades: Change configurations as needed. More power? No problem!
  • Hot swappable chassis: Allows for hard drive upgrades or replacements with no downtime.
  • Increased Network Capability (1 Gbps): Allows for increased throughput.
  • No neighbors: The hardware and all of its resources are yours and yours alone. No sharing like VPS’s!