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 +====== Configuring Win-SCP to upload files via FTP ======
 +  - In Win-SCP Click on "Session" and under "Protocol" choose FTP and enter the following details:
 +    * Hostname: domain name or IP address
 +    * User name: user name of account
 +    * Password: password of account
 +  - Under "Environment" >> "Directorores", specify public_html as "Remote directory".
 +  - Click on "Connection" and make sure that Passive mode is selected. It will help you to bypass any firewall installed in local network.
 +  - Click on "Session" again and click on "Login" to connect to the server.
 +  - Once connected, you can upload/download files to the account.
 +  - Once connected, you can change the transfer mode under "Options" >> "Preferences" >> "Transfer".
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