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How to install WordPress manually?

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WordPress is a leading content management system (CMS) and is widely used in various industries due to its versatility and community-driven multipurposesness. Let us learn, how to install WordPress manually?

Download WordPress

First, you need to download the WordPress files using Click on the following link to process with the download,

navigate to wordpress org to download the files

Upload WordPress Files On The Server

Next, we need to upload the downloaded files of WordPress on the server and extract the archive in the installation directory. To upload the data, you can use the FTP or the GUI interface of any control panel (cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc.). In this example, we will proceed with the cPanel’s File Manager. You can refer to the following relevant articles:

wordpress files upload

Create Database & Assign User

The database is the crucial part to store all of your WordPress data. You need to create the database and assign the user all the privileges. You can refer the following articles to create the database,

create database and assign user wordpress


1. If you have uploaded the WordPress directly in the root directory of a domain, then directly browse the domain name or browse the WordPress installation directory using any browser and you should see the WordPress installation screenSelect languageClick on Continue, or

select wordpress lang

2. On the next screen you should see an Welcome screenClick on Let’s go!

wordpress installation welcome screen

3. Enter the Database Name, Database Username, User Password, Desired Database Prefix details → Click on Submit.

wordpress database details installation

4. WordPress will try to communicate with the database server with submitted login credentials; if nothing is wrong, you should see the confirmation screen just like the below image → Click on Run the Installation.

post database step wordpress installation

5. On the next step, configure the Administrator User, Title & Tagline for the WordPress website → Click on Install WordPress.

install wordpress manually

6. Congratulations! You have successfully installed WordPress manually.

How to install WordPress manually


Now that we’ve gone over how to install WordPress manually. In this article, we used the control panel to upload files to create a database, and if you have plain VPS without any control panel, this article might not help you that much.

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