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Add Account Credit

There are times when you may want to add a credit to your account. Customers often do this to take advantage of better currency conversion rates, or to make pre-payment for services since account credit will automatically be used to pay invoices.

To add account credit, click on the "make payment" button on the dashboard. It's found under the "Invoices" widget.

On this screen, simply enter the dollar amount you'd like to add as account credit and click continue. If you have any open invoices you can also tick the boxes next to them to pay them in addition to the credit you're adding.

If paying the invoice this way, the amount you'll be required to pay is the invoice you've checked, PLUS the "other payment amount" figure entered. If you wish to pay the invoice from the credit you're adding simply add the credit then go back and pay the invoice from it, or the combined total of the invoice you've ticked to pay plus the additional amount you're adding equal what you're wanting to pay total.

Next you need to choose the payment method. You can use an existing credit card on file, you can add a new credit card from this screen, or you can choose to pay via PayPal.

If you chose credit card, you'll now be at a screen to verify/submit your payment.

If you chose PayPal this screen will contain a PayPal payment button which you'll need to click to finish the process on PayPal's end.

Now we can see our account credit displayed on the dashboard.

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