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 +====== Flush DNS cache on Google'​s public DNS ======
 +Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider. The official page for Google'​s Public DNS is located at [[https://​​speed/​public-dns/​]]
 +Many end users, as well as servers (VPS/​Dedicated) use Google'​s Public DNS services as their primary DNS resolvers. Google offers the ability to **force** flush a domain'​s DNS zone records. This allows more quickly seeing changes to DNS zones if changes are made.
 +To force flush a DNS zone in Google'​s Public DNS, simple follow these steps:
 +  - Visit Google'​s Public DNS Flush Cache page.
 +  - You'll see a page with content similar to this: 
 +    * {{:​dns:​flush-google-dns.png?​direct&​300|}}
 +  - Enter the random '​captcha'​ text for security purposes.
 +  - Enter the Domain Name you'd like to flush cached DNS zones for. eg. //​​
 +  - Select the DNS Zone Type (RR Type:) from the drop down box. eg. //A// - Record.
 +  - Press [ Flush Cache ].
 +It's as simple as that!
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