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How To Enable Auto-Login for PHPMyAdmin Via DirectAdmin

With the recent influx of cPanel to DirectAdmin migrations, one area of confusion that has resulted is with regards to PHPMyAdmin access. Let's clarify the cause of the confusion and a resolution to resolve/prevent it.

Until recently with DirectAdmin, PHPMyAdmin access would require a login. This login would require the database user's credentials (found within the site's configuration file, typically). So, upon creating a database, a database user, and a database user password in the panel, you could then use these credentials to log into PHPMyAdmin to manage the newly created database.

With cPanel, they would grant access to the cPanel user for all tables created under that cPanel user. Thus, with one-click from within the cPanel interface already authenticated as said cPanel user, a end-user would be automatically logged into PHPMyAdmin with access to all databases for all sites owned by the cPanel user.

When a client would migrate to DirectAdmin, they would attempt to access PHPMyAdmin after logging into the panel and be prompted for login details. They would assume that the DirectAdmin user's credentials would work, but they would instead need to input the database user's credentials with DirectAdmin. If they did input the database user's username and database user's password to login, they would then only have access to the databases (typically only one) that that database user would have privileges to access.

To alleviate the confusion and to facilitate the use of PHPMyAdmin, DirectAdmin developers added a PHPMyAdmin SingleSignOn feature that would allow an authenticated user to automatically be logged into PHPMyAdmin with a single click from within the DirectAdmin interface. This feature is disabled by default as of October 2019.

To enable one-click login for phpMyAdmin, run the following commands as the root user via SSH:

  cd /usr/local/directadmin/
  ./directadmin set one_click_pma_login 1 restart
  cd custombuild
  ./build update
  ./build phpmyadmin

The feature can be found in the DirectAdmin user panel via the following path:

User Dashboard → MySQL Management → Click "Login" in the same row as the desired database

There is also a PHPMyAdmin button towards the top of the page that you can click to log in as the DirectAdmin user so that you can manage all of the user's databases from a single PHPMyAdmin interface.

Implementation details can be found in the 1) DirectAdmin features reference for the One-Click PHPMyAdmin SSO.

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