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How To Enable Auto-Login for Webmail in DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin has recently released a new feature to allow direct, automatic login into Webmail from within the DirectAdmin interface. One-Click login to any RoundCube account. By default, this option is disabled hence you can not find one-click login option for Webmail,

check the webmail auto login feature directadmin

Learn, How To Enable Auto-Login for Webmail in DirectAdmin ?

By default this feature is disabled in the directadmin.conf,

disable status in directadmin conf webmail login

First, navigate to /usr/local/directadmin and enable the one_click_webmail_login using following command,

cd /usr/local/directadmin
./directadmin set one_click_webmail_login 1 restart

Now update and build the configuration using the following commands,

cd custombuild
./build update
./build dovecot_conf
./build exim_conf
./build roundcube
How To Enable Auto-Login for Webmail in DirectAdmin

Login to DirectAdmin and verify the Auto-Login option,

Enable Auto-Login for Webmail in DirectAdmin

Conclusion – Enable Auto-Login

We’ve gone over how to enable auto-login for webmail in the DirectAdmin control panel. After updating the settings, you no longer need to manually enter the username and password when you log in to webmail.

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