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How to create an account in DirectAdmin

This guide is focused around deployed servers with DirectAdmin's new skin "Evolution"

Congratulations! You got your new shiny server with DirectAdmin, but wait… it has no accounts? You're in luck. We're here to help!

In this guide we will be going over the steps taken to create an account under the default admin user in DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin can be a little daunting at first, however, we hope these guides help take out some of the confusion regarding DirectAdmin and make it easier for you, the user, to use.

Very easy
Very easy

As always, if you ever require assistance – please reach out to us.

Creating your account

One of the first things that we will want to do is login to your DirectAdmin panel. Access to this panel is typically always going to be accessed over port 2222

Your URL should look like this: (where x is your IP address numbers)

Once you've logged in, you should see this login screen:

You'll want to enter your admin username and the password provided to you via your Welcome Email

  • If you changed your password, then use the new password you set.

Now that you're logged in, you'll want to change your 'Access' level – you do this by using the drop down at the top and changing it from "Admin" to "Reseller".

Evolution - Default:

Now, we'll want to go to Account Manager → Add New User:

Evolution - Icon:

As the screenshot shows, if you didn't setup a package one will need to be created prior to this: so click the button "Create User Package":

This section allows you to specify all the configurations for resources for users that use this package:

  • Bandwidth
  • Disk Space
  • FTP Users
  • Email Accounts
  • etc.

Once you've set the limits as necessary, create the package.

Now we can go back to the previously viewed screen "Add New User".

We'll want to click "Create User" which brings us to the creation screen where we will fill out the appropriate information for this new account.

Once your information is entered (as seen above) click "Submit" – you will get a confirmation window.

  • Click the 'X' to close the window.

Congratulations, you've created your account in DirectAdmin!

Logging into your user

Now to log into the new account – if needed, do the following:

Click the giant + symbol and click "Login as $USER" (where $USER is the account name)

We hope that this guide has helped you through the steps of creating a DirectAdmin account and hopefully many more to come!

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