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 +====== How To Enable Auto-Login for Webmail in DirectAdmin ======
 +DirectAdmin has recently released a new feature to allow direct, automatic login into Webmail from within the DirectAdmin interface. ((https://​​features.php?​id=2470))
 +When enabled, one will see  extra characters (arrow and letter) in the "​Login"​ column when they visit the E-Mail Accounts page of the User Level. ​
 +By default this feature is disabled in the directadmin.conf like so:
 +Use the following command to check:
 +  /​usr/​local/​directadmin/​directadmin c | grep one_click_webmail_login
 +To enable this feature, run the following commands as the root user via SSH:
 +cd /​usr/​local/​directadmin
 +./​directadmin set one_click_webmail_login 1 restart
 +cd custombuild
 +./build update
 +./build dovecot_conf
 +./build exim_conf
 +./build roundcube
 +Note, if you do not see the option to automatically log into Webmail, you may not be running a recent version of DirectAdmin. If not, do the following to check:
 +  cd /​usr/​local/​directadmin/​custombuild
 +  ./build update
 +  ./build versions_nobold | grep '​update is available.' ​
 +If updates are available for DirectAdmin,​ run the following to apply those updates:
 +  ./build update_versions
 +That's it! :)  If you have any trouble, or are unfamiliar with running commands as the root user via SSH, please open a support ticket with our support team and we'll be happy to accommodate this request!
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