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What is EasyApache and how do I use it?

What is EasyApache?

EasyApache is a powerful and simple-to-use tool built into WHM/cPanel that you can use to update and configure your Apache web server.

How do I get to EasyApache?

EasyApache can be accessed two different ways. The most common (user friendly) method is via your WHM Panel. While the less 'user friendly', however more efficient method is via command line (SSH).

Accessing EasyApache via WHM

  1. Login to your WHM Panel via the 'root' user. ( https://<server ip>:2087 )
  2. Type 'EasyApache' in the search box located in the top left of the navigation panel (or) navigate to the "Software" category and select "EasyApache (Apache Update)

  • This is the main view for EasyApache via WHM

Accessing EasyApache via Command Line

  1. SSH into your server as root.
    •   ssh root@<servers ip> -p 2200
  2. Once connected to your server, run the following command:
    •   /scripts/easyapache

  1. When EasyApache launches successfully you should see something similar to the following screenshot:

How do I use EasyApache?

For the sake of this tutorial, considering EasyApache via WHM is the most common, all references will be made using EasyApache via this method.

EasyApache is very powerful and has tremendous capabilities, this article will describe/detail the most common uses. However, official detailed documentation is provided by cPanel in their 1)Official EasyApache Documentation.


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