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How to modify DNS Zones

In this guide, we will be explaining how to modify DNS Zones for WHM and cPanel.

DNS Zones are used in cPanel through the service BIND(named).

They're used to point records for the respective domains and subdomains used for the cPanel accounts on the server.


This article only applies if you're using your servers nameservers. In some instances, you may be required to modify MX record to point towards a remote mail server if utilizing your server to only host the domain. This may apply for other various records as well, such as TXT, CNAME, etc.

WHM Method

To modify DNS Zones through WHM; you'll want to login to WHM first.

Once logged in; there are currently two methods to get to the "Edit a DNS Zone" of the DNS Functions section of WHM.

Method 1: If you're in the classic theme.

Method 2: If you're using the new theme.

You'll want to enter into "Edit a DNS Zone" to modify your domains zone files.

You'll see this page once you're in. Here we've typed in '' and clicked the domain to modify.

If you have a lot of domains it is easy to just enter what you're looking for in the search bar, like we have.

Now that you're in here you will see a bunch of records.

In this example we will be adding Google's Gsuite records for their email service. This will be adding the following

MX Server Address Priority

First; we'll want to modify the default MX record.

Then we'll want to go to the bottom and add the additional MX records.

It's important to add the 'period' after the domain and the value record. In cPanel servers the 'period' indicates the end of a record entry. If you don't, it will auto-append the domain at the end of the record entered.

i.e; ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM becomes

It's recommended to keep "Automatcically detect" enabled so that it can change the mail exchanger for you.

Click save and you're done.

cPanel Method

In this section; we'll explain modification of DNS records for the DNS Zone within cPanel

Login to the cPanel account you want to modify

Once logged in, we will want to navigate to the "Zone Editor" which is located under the "Domains" category.

In this area of the editor – you can add individual records for quick access – A, CNAME and MX Records.

However, for this guide – we're going to be doing the last one "Manage" for custom managing.

Once within this area – you'll want to click the drop down beside "Add Record" – it's highlighed, that little arrow.

You will get a drop down of specific records to add. We'll be demonstrating the MX record, as it lines with the direction of this guide.

When you click MX record; or any record – it's going to add a new value at the top of your list.

In this record you would set the priority of the record you're adding (In Google's case, depending on which one 1, 5 or 10)

The destination would be the MX record, i.e ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.

Once entered just click "Add Record" and the record would be added.

This same process can be done for other records of different types with ease.

If you have any problems like this, our support department will always be willing to assist with DNS Zone modifications.

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