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 +====== Allow remote MySQL access in cPanel ======
 +To do this, the connecting host will preferably need a static IP address otherwise you'll need to re-do this guide each time their dynamic IP address from their ISP changes.
 +You can allow access from cPanel for MySQL itself. ​ We'll also need to setup an allow rule through the firewall which is covered [[security:​csf-lfd:​allow-an-ip-to-access-a-closed-port|here]].
 +  - Login to your cPanel.
 +  - Go to Databases >> Remote MySQL.
 +  - Enter the IP address of the computer that will be making the remote connection.
 +  - Click the Add Host button.
 +  - Now we need to allow the person'​s IP to be able to connect to port 3306 which is closed by default. ​ The best way to do this is with a firewall rule specific to their IP and port 3306 and how to do this for CSF is detailed [[security:​csf-lfd:​allow-an-ip-to-access-a-closed-port|here]].
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