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KnownHost Public Wiki

Welcome to KnownHost's public wiki. We have written articles here to assist you in setting up and managing your VPS. You can use the navigation menu to the left (or above if on a mobile device) to navigate the wiki.

Since we are a fully managed hosting provider remember you can always open a ticket at if you need assistance with anything.

Guide Difficulty Levels

We assign difficult levels to each of our guides in order to help you understand how in-depth of skills are required to perform the tasks in the guide. A short definition of our difficulties and required skills/knowledge is below.

Required Knowledge for Each Difficulty Level

Each level below requires at least the skills/knowledge listed plus any and all skills for the easier levels.

Very Easy

Very easy

  1. Basic web-browser and website usage abilities


Very easy

  1. Ability to upload/delete files via FTP
  2. Basic cPanel/WHM knowledge including creating email accounts, databases, and adding domains


Very easy

  1. Advanced cPanel/WHM knowledge including email filters, Phpmyadmin usage, and the basic DNS editor


Very easy

  1. Advanced understanding of DNS
  2. Basic SSH abilities including but not limited to usage of the following commands:
    • cd
    • ls
    • cat
    • grep
    • head
    • tail
    • Other common commands used in general navigation via command line

Very Hard

Very easy

  1. Advanced understanding of cPanel/WHM including command line scripts
  2. Advanced knowledge of SSH and how to comfortably use advanced parsing commands
  3. Advanced understanding of Exim
  4. Advanced understanding of Apache and Nginx in a reverse proxy setup
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