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How To Download Files from the DirectAdmin?

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There are several ways of downloading files from DirectAdmin, with the most popular being either the DirectAdmin File Manager or FTP. With either approach, you can download files or folders. Learn, How To Download Files from DirectAdmin?

Using File Manager

1. First, to login into DirectAdmin control panel visit, or https://IP-address:2222 or https://server-hostname:2222.


2. Navigate to System Info & Files → File Manager.


3. Navigate to required directorySelect FilesClick on “:”.

select files from file manger directadmin

4. Now, click on Download.

how to download files using file manager directadmin

Congratulations! You have downloaded files successfully using File Manager in the DirectAdmin control panel.

Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

You can upload and download the files, directories using FTP. You have many choices of using FTP clients for file transfer. We will be using FileZilla to download the files from the server.

1. Open FileZilla application.

open filezilla application

2. Connect to the server using FTP account credentials.

filezilla connect

3. To download files → Select FilesRightclickClick on Download.

how to download files using filezilla

Congratulations! You have downloaded files successfully using FTP.


Now that we’ve gone over how to download Files from the DirectAdmin control panel. We have covered two methods that are mostly like to get used while downloading files and uploading the files on the DirectAdmin server.

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