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Configure FileZilla to upload files via sFTP


Once you've installed FileZilla on your computer, connecting to your server via FTP or SFTP (see: KnownHost Knowledgebase: What is the difference between FTP and SFTP?) can be done two ways. We'll cover adding/connecting your server via Site Manager.

Connecting to your server with FileZilla

This section was written using FileZilla v3.22.1 and Linux. Once the program is open the interface should be essentially the same as for other platforms.

  • Select File > Site Manager… (Or CTRL + S)
  • Click the "New Site" button on the bottom left.

  • Rename the empty site title, "New Site" to a nickname for your server.
  • You'll see nine main boxes, information sections to fill in here.
    • Host: - This is where you'll provide your server's IP address.
    • Port: - This is the port for the server's FTP or SFTP protocol address. If connecting with FTP, use port 21. If connecting via SFTP:
      • VPS & Dedicated servers: Use port 2200 is the default for SFTP (unless you have changed the SSH port)
      • Shared servers: Use port 22
    • Protocol: - This is a drop down section that you'll select either FTP - File Transfer Protocol or SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol. FTP is being used in this example, however SFTP is recommended.1)
    • Encryption: - If not using SFTP, it is strongly recommended to use Require explicit FTP over TLS if possible.You will not see this option if using SFTP, as SFTP is secured by default.
      • Encryption is required for FTP connections to our shared servers.
    • Logon Type: - Select "Normal" from the drop down menu.
    • User: - Input the cPanel user's account name here, if using SFTP. If using a smaller ftp user to restrict the directory access, make sure to include the full ftp username, including the parts both before and after the @ sign.
    • Password: - Input the cPanel user's password here.
    • Account: - This box, if present, should be grayed out and not needed.
    • Comments: - This box is completely optional for your personal notes/references.

  • The Advanced Tab and Charset Tab are optional, however the "Transfer Settings" tab has one setting that should be adjusted on default server configurations.
    • Check the "Limit number of simultaneous connections" option box and set the number to 2.

  • Press the "Connect" button and it will save this settings and connect with the options set previously.
  • If you have chosen an encrypted connection method, you should see a prompt for the certificate.
    • Select "Always trust" and hit the "Ok" button.

  • You've now successfully connected to the server and should see something similar to this screenshot!

Simultaneous Connections

As mentioned above, it is strongly recommended to limit the number of simultaneous connections that the ftp client will be opening. Otherwise, your IP could become blocked in the firewall for having too many connections open at once.2) But if you limit the connections yourself, then the firewall is less likely to need to limit it for you. If eight is not low enough, you may want to try even lower, at one or two. If you are transferring a lot of files at once, another protocol such as 3)Web Disk might be more appropriate. Although many ftp clients will permit batch-copying many files, ftp was designed for copying one file at a time.

If you have already configured an ftp account in FileZilla and need to readjust the connection limit, the following steps should work in version 3.22.1:4)

  • Click the File menu, usually found at the top right of the FileZilla window.
  • Click "Site Manager…", which is usually the top item in the menu.
  • Click on the desired site/account in the list in the left frame of the Site Manager window.
  • Click the "Transfer Settings" tab in the right frame of the Site Manager window.
  • Make sure the checkbox "Limit number of simultaneous connections" has a checkmark in the checkbox. If the checkbox does not have a checkmark in it, please click the checkbox.
  • In the number box to the right of "Maximum number of connections:", enter the number "2" (or "1").
  • Click "OK" (and/or "Connect").
Unless you are using an ftp account created beneath a cPanel user, to restrict it to a smaller folder, in which case SFTP is not available for that user.
The firewall has such a setting, to help protect against certain types of attack.
and similar versions
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