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 +====== How To Recompile Only a Single Version Of PHP With DirectAdmin'​s CustomBuild ======
 +Let's say that you have 4 versions of PHP installed, and you only want to update the default PHP version, or php1_release. You know that if you do, recompiling all versions of PHP is going to take a while, so you may be deterred to update because of this. In the following example, we have 4 versions of PHP, and only want to update php1_release from version 7.2 to version 7.3:
 +php1_release 7.2
 +php2_release 7.1
 +php3_release 7.0
 +php4_release 5.6
 +You can check the PHP versions and handlers installed using the following command:
 +   grep -P '​php[\d]_'​ /​usr/​local/​directadmin/​custombuild/​options.conf
 +You can use php_expert to compile only a single version and save yourself some time. 
 +  ​
 +Use this command like so (provided the PHP version is using PHP-FPM):
 +cd /​usr/​local/​directadmin/​custombuild
 +./build set php1_release 7.3
 +./build update
 +./build php_expert 7.3 php-fpm
 +./build rewrite_confs
 +And viola! Using the php_expert build option is ideal for busy system administrators eager to save time and provide quicker resolutions for their clients. ​
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