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How to setup a pointer domain (DirectAdmin)

This guide is focused around deployed servers with DirectAdmin's new skin "Evolution"

Very easy
Very easy
DirectAdmin has the ability to setup pointer domains (alias) or otherwise parked domains.

DirectAdmin calls them "Domain Pointers".

We'll be going over the steps needed to setup one of these within this guide.

As always, if you ever require assistance – please reach out to us.

Setting up domain pointer

You'll need to login to your DirectAdmin user through the DirectAdmin Panel – or if you're the Administrator, you can drop in through the admin user to whichever user you wish.

Once logged in you will want to go Account Manager → Domain Pointers as seen in our screenshot.

You will be taken to the Domain Pointer management area where you can add domain as "alias/parked" domains to reference the primary domain.

You will need to click "Create Domain Pointer" to add a pointer:

This will bring a pop up window that will allow you to set your domain.

In our example, we use – we're marking it as an alias of

We have "Create as an alias" checked because we want it to be an alias.

We'll click "Create" – this will add our domain and redirect us back to the management area.

As you can see, the new domain is added and set as an alias.

We hope this guide helps with this process.

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