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The DirectAdmin CustomBuild GUI Plugin

CustomBuild is DirectAdmin's software management tool. It has primarily been run via the command line until 2014, when a plugin was developed to allow users to manage their software via 1)CustomBuild using the DirectAdmin interface. If you haven't installed this plugin and you prefer to work via a GUI, you will want to follow the instructions outlined below to install it.


Installation can either be accomplished via the panel or via the CLI. Both methods are outlined below.

Via the DirectAdmin Panel

1) To install the plugin, log into DirectAdmin as the admin user and navigate to the Plugin Manager: ( Admin Level → Plugin Manager).

Click "Add".

Now, enter the following url:

Type in your password, make sure that "Install after upload" is clicked, and click Install.

Via Terminal

Log into the server via SSH as the root user and run the following commands to install the CustomBuild plugin:

  mkdir /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/custombuild
  chown diradmin:diradmin /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/custombuild
  cd /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/custombuild
  tar -zxvf custombuild.tar.gz
  cd scripts

A Closer Look At the CustomBuild Plugin

Upon installation, you will see the CustomBuild 2.0 plugin icon button in the Admin skin under the Extra Features section:

When you first access the CustomBuild Plugin, the first tab is the Update Software tab. It will show you updates that are available for software that you have installed and provide "Update" buttons.

The Build Software tab is the next tab and it will allow you to install/update software and webapps via building from source.

The Edit Options tab is where you will edit the options that are specified in the /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/options.conf file. This is where you specify what PHP versions you want installed, what PHP handlers to use for those specified versions, what webserver to use, what version of MySQL/MariaDB you'd like, and many, many other options available to you.

Here is a list of the options available:

  • PHP Settings
  • MySQL Settings
  • WEB Server Settings
  • WEB Applications Settings
  • ClamAV-related Settings
  • Mail Settings
  • FTP Settings
  • Statistics Settings
  • CustomBuild Settings
  • Cronjob Settings
  • CloudLinux Settings
  • Advanced Settings

The Update Software Configuration tab allows you to configure components such as Exim and Dovecot configuration files, enable BlockCracking, enable Easy Spam Fighter, rewrite WEB server configuration files, secure PHP, and build the SpamAssassin rule updates cron.

The Remove Software tab will display software that is installed but not being used on the system, and provide an option to remove it.

The CustomBuild Functions tab will allow you to customize certain settings for CustomBuild and DirectAdmin, such as :

  • Build CustomBuild plugin
  • Enable/update CustomBuild cronjob
  • Display options.conf settings
  • Set fastest download server
  • Update DirectAdmin
  • Update WEB applications.
  • Used configuration files
  • CustomBuild version
  • Update CustomBuild script and packages
  • Update CustomBuild script
  • Download packages

You will see the following output when building your options.

The Customize Compilation tab allows you to customize either the Apache, Dovecot, FTP, cURL, LibXML2, or LibXSLT compilation files.

You would select the Apache option if you needed to 2) enable a custom Apache module.

Customize Versions allows you to choose the version of any CustomBuild managed software that you'd like to use.

And finally, the last tab, Plugin Logs, displays CustomBuild plugin usage logs (not CustomBuild build logs done via the CLI).

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