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How To Enable RBL Blocking and Set A Custom RBL With DirectAdmin's Exim

RBL checks work by performing a DNS query to a certain RBL hostname for a particular domain. If a record is returned for that domain from the RBL hostname queried, then the domain is listed on that particular 'real-time blacklist'.

Thus, in order to add our own RBLs to the DirectAdmin Exim configuration, we just need to ensure RBL blocking is enabled and add our RBL's hostname to the list of RBLs used for blocking.

Enabling RBL Blocking

First, check to see if RBL blocking is already enabled. If the following symlink exists, then it is enabled:

  /etc/virtual/use_rbl_domains -> domains

To check, use the following command as root via SSH:

  ls -lah /etc/virtual/use_rbl_domains

If it is not enabled already, run the following as the root user via SSH to enable:

  cd /etc/virtual
  rm -f use_rbl_domains
  ln -s domains use_rbl_domains

Adding Our Custom RBL

The default RBL list is defined within a macro in the /etc/exim.conf like so:

  RBL_DNS_LIST=\ : \ : \ : \

This variable can be redefined by setting the variable again using '==' instead of '='.

To add a custom RBL to the list, you need to create the file /etc/exim.strings.conf.custom file and add/edit the variable there.

So, let's say you wanted to add and to this list. You would create the


file and add the edited list like so:

  RBL_DNS_LIST==\ : \ : \ : \ : \ : \

Next, restart exim:

  service exim restart

That's all that is needed to enable a custom RBL list with DirectAdmin! :)

Disabling RBL Blocking

If you decide to later disable RBL blocking, it can be done like so:

  cd /etc/virtual
  rm -f use_rbl_domains
  touch use_rbl_domains

Removing the RBL List Customizations

If you later decide that you'd like to revert back to the default RBL list, simply remove the /etc/exim.strings.conf.custom file and restart Exim.

  rm /etc/exim.strings.conf.custom
  service exim restart
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