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How To Enable Account Creation Notifications in DirectAdmin

If you would like all admin accounts to be notified via your DirectAdmin server's messaging system every time a new account is created by any account type (other admins, resellers, etc.,), you will need to enable the following setting in the DirectAdmin configuration:


You can do this easily via the command line like so (root access required):

  /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin set notify_admins_on_all_account_creation 1 restart

This command will set notify_admins_on_all_account_creation to a value of 1 in


and then restart DirectAdmin so that the new setting is effective immediately.

You will now receive notifications via the messaging system in the following format:

Subject: User account mynewaccount has just been created

Account resellerhosting has just created User mynewaccount from IP Domain:

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