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How to access phpMyAdmin (DirectAdmin)

This guide is focused around deployed servers with DirectAdmin's new skin "Evolution"

DirectAdmin has access to phpMyAdmin. This is a database management tool to make it easy to access, modify and change databases, including altering tables or rows within your server's MySQL/MariaDB service.

phpMyAdmin can be used to export and import databases as necessary.

In this guide, we'll only be going over how to access phpMyAdmin through DirectAdmin

Very easy
Very easy

As always, if you ever require assistance – please reach out to us.

phpMyAdmin can be accessed through various methods on DirectAdmin

  • Through the DirectAdmin panel

We'll be providing some screenshots on where to go for DirectAdmin.

You'll need to login to your DirectAdmin user through the DirectAdmin Panel – or if you're the Administrator, you can drop in through the admin user.

Once in the "user" area go to "Extra Functions → phpMyAdmin"

Evolution - Default:

Evolution - Icons:

It'll take you to phpMyAdmin requesting your username and password.

That's it, that's all it takes.

We hope this guide has been helpful in the various methods of access for phpMyAdmin.

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