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 +====== Wildcard SSL Option Missing in DirectAdmin'​s Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates Interface ======
 +If the  wildcard SSL option is missing in DirectAdmin'​s Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates interface, you probably have the dns_ttl set to **0** when it should be set to **1** to use this feature. Check with the following command via SSH as the root user:
 +  /​usr/​local/​directadmin/​directadmin c | grep dns_ttl
 +If so, run the following command to fix this:
 +  /​usr/​local/​directadmin/​directadmin set dns_ttl 1 restart
 +Now, you will see a checkbox option "​Wildcard"​ next to the "​Common Name" under the "Free & Automatic Certificate from Let's Encrypt"​ tab. 
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